Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday cheer

I started the day off with a tire that was beyond "flat"; it was completely destroyed, but a link Candice sent me really cheered me up. You HAVE to check this link out and then create your own.

I promise it will make you giggle!


Brett Borup said...

I've watched to over and over and I laugh every time.


K-Trap said...

Larry makes a great looking elf. Thanks for the daily smile, Steph!

Larry said...

Merciful Heavens this is funny!! I too can't stop laughing. Who knew I was such a good dancer!

Kamiko said...

Larry you are sassy and sexy in the stripe tights!! Yeah! for the laugh.


Cassie L. said...

Larry is absolutely hilarious!!!! Funny thing is that I put in all of our family members' faces and Koy's was the funniest. Maybe husbands are just meant to be the funny ones??