Monday, December 04, 2006

Deck the Halls

It's been quite awhile since Larry has had the whole weekend off so we took full advantage and caught up on lots of sleep and were as lazy as possible (we still had to be in charge of the Ward activity on Friday but we didn't do much else). We did manage to finish decorating for Christmas because the boxes in the middle of our kitchen were driving me crazy.

So welcome to Christmas at the Ford home, where there are a million Christmas picture books everywhere you look.And there are snowflakes on the table in my entryway just waiting to hold the cute christmas pictures that I know you are going to send me.I love these reindeer that hang around our candelier. We aren't getting a Christmas treet his year so this little one will have to doLast year this green wall was painted colbalt blue and I was afraid the living room wouldn't seem very Christmasy so I hung these glittery snowflakes all over the wall. Larry wasn't sure that that would work with the green wall, but I think it's kind of fun.And it wouldn't be the Ford home without more picture books on display.
And this picture is just to show you how I display some of my ornaments that are really too heavy for a Christmas tree, I put away my candles and use the candle holders to hold the ornaments (these ones have semi-flat bottoms, but if they don't you can set a rubberband underneath them to keep them in place).


Larry said...

A beautiful house I have. I really like how the (not too-heavy) ornaments on the candle-holders turned out.

My wife is amazing!

Anonymous said...

that is just genius to display the ornaments on the candle holder and the rubber band tip - i love it! i think we may go to Target tonight!

candicestringham said...

It looks fab! I love it. Can't wait to see you!


TX Girl said...

I love the ornaments on the candle. Very clever.

Jordan said...

We have the same chandelier from IKEA!! Wonderful decor, love the snowflakes on the green wall.