Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My bags aren't packed yet, but . . .

I looked in the mailbox yesterday and what did I see?My new passport! And I was so happy to see that I got my old passport back because I was a little sad to let my stamps to Japan, Mexico, London, and France go (but not so sad about letting go of the picture of me at age 16 before I left to be an exchange student in Japan).

It arrived at the perfect time because Larry and I are going on a cruise with my parents and my little sister Marissa and her husband Mike! We booked the cruise, but I've been looking for flights to Miami for ages and I just got the BEST DEAL today. I immediately booked the flight and as soon as I finished I did one more flight search just for fun, and the flight was already twice the price. To top it off I just checked Oldnavy.com and found a maternity bathing suit on super clearance (which was one of my biggest worries because I don't have any summer maternity clothes, and where do you find a maternity swim suit at this time of year?) Hopefully my luck hasn't run out and it will actually fit when it arrives.

I'm ready for the beach!

PS- If I wasn't pregnant I'd totally be ordering a Modbe suit because they're cute, modest, and half off!


Melinda said...

So much fun! And the suit is super cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Modbe site. Their website looks like your living room walls. Thanks for the Maternity suit clearance notice...I need to pick one up! How fun you get a little vacation before the baby comes!