Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A ward activity

Larry and I are the Chairpeople for our ward activities committee and the committee has planned a really fun activity for this Friday (well, I’m hoping that it will be fun anyway). We are holding a ward service auction. The way it works is we asked each couple in the ward to donate at least one service/skill/homemade item that will be auctioned off to other members of the ward. In order to bid on these items the ward members will bring donations of non-perishable food and cast-off clothing that is still in good shape. They will get a point for each item they donate and they can use their points to bid on services being offered. We will be donating the clothing and food to two different charities.

Some people in the ward have signed up to do really cool things. Ben Johnson said he will tile a room for someone and all they have to provide is the tile. Our friends Jason and Liz, who own their own car detailing business, will detail the interior and exterior of someone’s car, and my friend Rachel (who has dual citizenship in the US and Switzerland) will host “a night in Switzerland” and make a raclette dinner. The list goes on and on: a steak dinner, juggling lessons, sewing an item of your choice with fabric that you choose, use of a pickup and driver, a pedicure, handyman services . . . Larry is really hoping to win Ben Peterson's service because he signed up to mow someone's lawn.

We’re still hoping to get a few more members involved so hopefully the list will grow. It’s been fun learning about some of our friends’ hidden talents.

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Cassie L. said...

I love service auctions!!!! I think they are so fun and I love hearing everyone's ideas. We had one with just the RS in December. I got the use of a chocolate fountain (from a girl who does weddings) and all the chocolate we needed for a family party. We STILL have some of the chocolate in our fridge. Way fun though. Wish we could be there!