Friday, September 08, 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot like fall!

I love fall and we've had a little bit of fall weather here. I love the crisp air, apple picking, sweaters, fall leaves, and the Pumpkin Festival. One of my favorite signs of fall around here is when the shops in Worthington start decorating for Halloween. You know I love decorating for any holidays and Larry loves Halloween so we tend to go all out for Halloween. I took two pictures of the cool displays I saw in Worthington, and I think they are pretty good examples of my style of Halloween decorating vs. Larry's.

Larry's: Mine:

In fact, I just realized in the "Larry Style" picture that last year I totally bought that tray in the front that says "Dr. Frankenstein" on it has has fake eyeballs in it because I knew Larry would love it. I'm always tempted to start decorating for Halloween really early, but that hasn't hit me yet this year because I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend. We are still working on plans for a Halloween party, but we are in charge of the activities committee at church and we have to figure out what date we'll have that Halloween party before we plan our own.

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KIM BORUP said...

Steph: Marissa was making fun of me this last weekend when she came up because I have all the Halloween decorations up I brought new this year. We also made halloween pumpkin pillows. Want a kit so you can make your own? Marissa took a picture of one we saw in a store and we made a similar one. Ask her to send the picture so you can see it. I will be in Kentucky the 13-20. I also bought you a halloween garland to go on your halloween tree. Which you were here to see the display at Evan's Frontier Store. Loads of great Halloween.