Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Surprises

When I got home from work last night there was a beatup package sitting in the middle of my driveway in front of my garage. I knew immediately that it was a birthday present from my friend Alicia. I love early and late birthday presents because they spread out the joy a little longer. I opened it up to find this cool letter S. Alicia also has a typography obession so I think she needs to go back to the store where she got this and get herself a letter A because it's so cool. Now I have to find the perfect place for my S.

Later that evening Donny and Jessica stopped by with a new family member. Meet Dudley!

He is the cutest, softest, calmest four-month-old puppy you have ever met. Donny and Jessica love their cats so I've always thought of them as cat people, and I was totally surprised when they showed up with Dudley. Hopefully we'll have a chance to pet-sit for them sometime.

As if all of that wasn't enough to provide us with a happy evening, Larry and I stopped at Target and they had some of their Halloween stuff out. You all know Larry is a junkfood junkie, and I only encourage him. He loves vanilla flavored Tootsie rolls so he buys bags of them every Halloween and he hoards them all year. He even has a little left from last Halloween. Of course we had to replenish is stock and then we had to try green apple flavored candy corn because we were just too curious and the same goes for the new tiny cans of Jones Soda. Come on, who doesn't need to try spiced cider and candy corn falvored soda? (yes, I know it's a little weird that we bought soda flavored like candy corn and candy corn flavored like green apples).


Elisa said...

You guys are such a cute couple! Buying candy before its even October...I love it!
Pink Christmas is a blogging gift exchange that my cousin Kristi came up with. Here is the link http://everythingispink.blogspot.com/2006/07/christmas-in-july-it-is-5-months-until.html
oh, I hope that works. If not go to everythingispink.blogspot.com to the July Archives and you can find out the info. If she does it again next year, you should sign up...your cute fabric animals would be a cute gift!

candice said...

Hey! We must be sisters or something. I bought green apple candy corn from target today! I so would have gotten the soda to because you know my love for apple cider but I didn't see it.

lisa h. said...

oh my goodness, im going to get some of that candy corn soda! so cool.

kim Borup said...

Steph: You would be so jealous. Candice and I found a big black metal "S" at an antique place while I was there. We got it for a good price too I think. You'll have to see it when you go visit her. Love and miss you, Mom

Anonymous said...

hey, sweetie -
I am just checking in to see how you are. If I had know about Larry's birthday, I would have baked him someting decadent.
How are you? How's work?
Let me know when you have time -
love, Mom Cat

Larry said...

The candy corn - delicious!

The soda - not so much. Just a warning. It's very fun but has a familiar flavor that I still can not pin down.