Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ah, I’m behind on the blog so here’s the quick version of the last week:
  • The ward service auction went really well (although I would have loved to see more people there)
  • We collected loads of clothes and 520 lbs of food for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank
  • I did auction off graphic design for a Christmas card and our friends the Roessners won, which I’m excited about because they’ll be fun to work with
  • We also donated an evening of babysitting and the Hardys won and I’m looking forward to it because their kids are adorable
  • We watched the buckeye game with friends and celebrated another win
  • Larry got a cold
  • I got a Larry’s cold
  • We had dinner at the Whiteheads and the Carpenters and I felt spoiled and I didn’t attempt to actually cook anything all week
  • I spent yesterday afternoon picking up things at a friend’s apartment to mail to her because she will not be coming back to Ohio (so sad!)
  • I got to watch a new episode of the Gilmore Girls last night (yay new season!)
  • I did not prepare for Larry’s birthday (which is Friday) and so far the only gifts that I have for him are two ties, which he already knows about.

I guess I still have a lot to do!

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Larry said...

I've thought we really haven't done much lately but it looks like we have. Huh, so much more than I thought!