Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day

So I know you think I didn’t blog because we were off doing exciting things this weekend, but the truth is we were fairly boring. Larry worked on Saturday from about 7 am until noon on Sunday. Then our friends the Freemans came over for dinner on Sunday and they ended up bringing us dinner (really yummy curry chicken) and dessert (homemade raspberry ice cream) even though Rachel is eight months pregnant (yes, I’m such a great friend).

Larry worked again Monday morning and then we spent the evening at the Ward New Member BBQ because Larry and I are in charge of the activities committee. We thought only one other member of the activities committee was going to be able to be there, but we were surprised by loads of help, and I think everything went pretty well. Larry and I didn’t want to play the normal get-to-know-you games that they always play at these things so we asked the committee to come up with some fun ideas and they did. First, we divided everyone into teams and gave them five minutes to build the biggest tower that they could with plastic cups. I was amazed by the winners, but I was too busy to grab my camera. We also gave each team a t-shirt in a ziplock bag, frozen in five cups of water and the first team to get the t-shirt on one of the members of their team won. Our only rule was that they couldn’t use the grill so people got pretty creative; some ran to the nearest building to use the hot water and some tried to heat it using their cars. The team that won melted it in a nearby creek.

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Anonymous said...

And of course Steph made some delicious bean dip!!! (and rice!). Give yourself some credit!