Thursday, March 23, 2006

A tour of our home

I emailed this tour to some of you, but I thought that this would be a good place to post it.

Welcome to the Ford home! We begin our tour with the exterior of the home on a slightly stormy day.

Then we proceed to the entryway. Unfortunately the four foot lighthouse that used to be on that landing left with the previous owners.

If you proceed straight ahead you will see the dining area (which is not that exciting, but I had to include it because I love the quote on the wall). To our left is the living room, which as you know is now painted green instead of blue.

To our right is the kitchen and if you look further right you will see a wall with my leaf plate collection.

If you go back to the entryway you will notice a small bathroom to the right of the stairs. This bathroom has an unusual history; it used to be painted like the ocean and had a large model sailboat hanging on the wall and had lace curtains with lighthouses and boats embroidered in them. The previous owners had an eye for detail and even included brass hardware with nautical detailing.

Upstairs the first room on the right is the guest room. Those picture frames were mostly filled this weekend, but unfortunately, this picture was taken at and earlier date.

Further down the hall on your right is the guest bathroom (which also isn’t very exciting, but has really cute star shower curtain hangers).

After the restroom you will see the library. The silver thing that you see on the left is a high desk that the owner uses to create all sorts of crafty messes.

To the right is a display of the owners extensive Mr. Potato head collection, a rare sight indeed!

Across the hallway is the very messy master bedroom, which finally has new bedding, but it is not actually on the bed yet because the owners are very lazy!

That concludes our tour. We hope you enjoyed your time here at the Ford Manor!


Cassie L. said...

Your home is beautiful - what else would I expect though? You have such a unique style - I love it, especially the leaf plates. SOOOOO excited you have this blog:)


Mom Cat said...

Stephanie & Larry - Your home is just like you - smart, funny & charming. Steph, I'm so happy you have this blog - I can keep up with all of your activities. BTW, I need a pair of Mrs. Darcy shirts...for Elle & Rosalynd's Easter baskets!
love, Mom Cat

Melinda said...

Yay! I love knowing where you are! The blog is a great way to keep in touch. Your house is darling; I expected nothing less.