Friday, March 24, 2006

Puppy Star

Meet sock dog.

Candice helped me find a pattern for a sock dog last week so I experimented with it this week with some socks that I found on clearance at Target and Sock dog was born. All I needed to do to finish him was sew on his eyes (they are pinned on here) but I thought he needed bigger buttons.

Anyway, Candice and family came up to spend the night and made it to my house before me and sock dog found a new home while I was away.

And he got a new name. Not Winston or Edison like Candice and I suggested, oh no! His new name is Puppy Star! (Grant has stellar naming skills; he named his beta fish Blue Fishy and he named the fish who replaced him Blue Fishy's Cousin). Grant carried it every where with him and it was all we could do to convince him to leave Puppy Star at home while we went to Chucky Cheese (We told him that Puppy Star does not like pizza sauce so he'd be much happier at home).

While we were out we stopped to pick up some new buttons for Puppy Stars eyes. Larry and I showed Grant all sorts of button options for Puppy Star's eyes, but Grant could not be dissuaded from his original choice and he insisted on matching ribbon for Puppy Star's collar (and even though I love stars, I had no influence whatsoever on these decisions).

Oh yes my friends, Puppy Star is pimped out!!!! I think his new name should be Elton John! I told Grant that it was not too late to change his mind, and I'd be happy to change his eyes to white buttons and put the stars on his collar. Grant looked back at me with horror holding Puppy Star away from me while he said, "I like Puppy Star just the way he is!"


candice said...

Stepher, you've got mad sock dawg skills! Awesome! I heart you! Do you think I should worry about the fact that my son dressed his sock dog like Elton John?


Larry said...

I'd hold my concern until he himself starts dressing like Elton PuppyStar. Then worry.