Friday, March 24, 2006

Candice Stringham -Scrapbooker extraordinare!

Ok, the news is finally out; My older sister, Candice, just won Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame! I am so incredibly proud of her! (If you follow the link and click on Candice Stringham, you can hear her husband, Mark, finding out on the phone that she won and you can read Candice's account of finding out she won).

Candice is an amazing artist. Her photographs are mesmerizing. For Christmas I had to beg her to print pictures to go in the border in my guest room so I could have my own mini Candice Stringham gallery to admire everyday.

There are so many reasons that I look up to Candice, but first and foremost because she is finding a way to make a career out of something she is passionate about. She has big dreams and she is making them come true. I feel so lucky to be related to such a talented person. I never had a doubt that she would win!

I don't think that I'm allowed to post any of her Hall of Fame layouts yet so instead, here is a layout from April's Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Isn't she gorgeous?

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