Friday, March 31, 2006


Last night I went delivering. I back in high school and undergrad I used to go delivering when I was bored or sometimes just because I was really happy, but most often it was because I was in a bad mood and needed to cheer myself up. The basic idea is to pick up small fun gifts and drop them off to whoever came to mind. So if it was a Saturday morning I would pick up bagels or my favorite doughnuts or if it was a hot summer day I would pick up popcicles and deliver them to friends.

Last night these are what I delivered

They don't look like much now because I just planted them last night, but they are lily of the valley plants. My friends Kamiko and Jill both love lily of the valley so when I saw lily of the valley starts at the store the other day I had to buy them and last night while Larry was working was the perfect opportunity to deliver them. Here's a picture of Kamiko with hers.

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Larry said...

That's a happy-looking Kamiko.