Thursday, October 13, 2011

While the Cat's Away

There are always so many things that I would love to do that are a little bit hard to manage with two little ones in tow, and it's surprisingly difficult to work around preschool schedules and Ollie's naptime and the fact that I can't leave Ollie with the average babysitter.  When I realized that it would just be Ollie and me for the morning, I convinced my friend we were meeting at the park to check out the 'Matter of Words" exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art first.
 The book sculpture by Adam Bateman was pretty incredible

 But truth be told, the boys were probably more excited to drop grass into this hole outside in the sculpture garden, but I think a good time was had by all.

We couldn't resist stopping at the Museum gift shop on our way out (what is it about museum gift shops?  They are always so great, I find myself wanting one of everything).  As an added bonus, it was the first time I've walked into a store and seen my own cards for sale (look close at the top row) so it was a pretty exciting morning (and that's not counting when I locked me keys inside my car with my cell phone and had to call the campus auto-shop and beg them to come to my rescue.  He said it was his fourth call to unlock a car that day so I shouldn't be too embarrassed, but let me tell you, I was.)


lisa h. said...

that is way awesome to see your card for sale!

Larry said...

Very exciting to see your cards! And I love that book sculpture.

Laura said...

We've seen that book sculpture and Jared was taking pics with his phone- we couldn't get over how dang cool it was! He seriously wants to have a wall in our home look like this somehow! Let's plan another dinner night. Chicago was so much fun! :)