Friday, October 28, 2011

Simple joy

Yesterday, I let the boys play in our sweet neighbor's leaves for a few minutes, but I had to hurry them inside with promises to come back the next day because I had to get ready for my book club to come over.  Creed did not forget.  He woke up and dressed himself for the occasion (no surprise, he decided to wear solid yellow from head to toe) then he patiently waited through breakfast for his friend Lydia to arrive so we could head back across the street.
 I think the wait was worth it.

 Notice how disgruntled Lydia is in this next picture.  She is the youngest in her family so she isn't used to being around little ones and Ollie makes her so uncomfortable. She panics every time he comes near her.  She stayed as still as can be in those leaves while she whispered, "Ollie, don't come any closer to me! hurry, somebody come get Ollie, he's getting close to me!"

 I bet you can't even spot them in this next picture.

Oh, the joy a big pile of yellow leaves can bring.

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Larry said...

So fantastic. So fun. And Lydia - so funny!