Friday, October 28, 2011

Picture Perfect

I think I mentioned that we are just getting around to hanging up some artwork around here (I really should admit, I just convinced my mom to help me hang up some artwork around here).

I commissioned family portraits from our favorite seven-year-old friend, and I think they were a bargain at a quarter a piece.  We hung them up in the hallway between the boys' bedrooms.
 I bought the frame from Target, and the sizes are odd and they aren't the greatest quality, BUT they have hinges and a magnetic closure so you can open them up and swap out artwork without taking them down, and they have a pocket inside to store extra artwork.
 The plan was to swap the artwork in these frames out once in a while to showcase whatever the boys have been working on, but I don't know if I will be able to take the family portraits down.  How great is this picture of Larry?
 And I'm partial to the freckles on mine.
 You can just get a glimpse of them when you look across the entryway from the library.  They make me so happy and Ollie loves to name the person in each picture.  I think they'll be around for a while.


Melinda said...

I just showed this post to Laura and it made her day! We love you!

ellen said...

I commissioned my niece to paint some pictures for me when she was about that age. Oops! I didn't pay her. :)

Malinovka said...

What a fabulous idea! I have a couple family pictures the girls have done that I've scanned and want to hang, but I love the individual portrait idea! What a fun house you have!