Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you're wondering if we moved into our house this weekend . . .

The answer is most definitely, NO.  Not even close.  We did, however, move out of our apartment in Salt Lake.  Thank goodness Larry's new job came with a moving allowance so we had packers and movers!  I can't even describe how wonderful it was.

As we were moving out, we were scheduled to move in to the new house on Tuesday.  We were staying with my parents for the weekend.  Even though their house is also in the middle of a smaller remodel, we thought we could handle it for the weekend.  Then we checked in on our house on Saturday, and it is still missing stairs, a kitchen, and lights, not to mention everything is covered in plastic and tape, waiting for the whole interior to be painted and there is dust and trash all over the place from the drywall work that's going on.

We are not moving in on Tuesday.

The new plan is Saturday, but I'm not feeling very optimistic.  I just finished calling to reschedule the movers, the cable hookup and the appliance delivery for the third time.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged tonight, but now that I sit to think about it, I feel a little depressed every time I move and that's probably what this is.  The renovation is a little stressful, but we can stay at my parents' as long as we need to.  I just hate leaving our friends and starting all over again.  We are only an hour away, but with little ones, I will not be driving to Salt Lake everyday so I'm anxious to move into the house and start growing roots here.  Plus, it's always nice to keep busy unpacking and organizing while I'm feeling a little sad.

On the bright side, The tile for the laundry room arrived and we can't wit to see it installed.

And while there is not supposed to be a hole in the wall so Creed can talk to people where the stairs are supposed to be, look at that new maple floor that matches the floor in the rest of the kitchen!

Now let's cross our fingers and hope that a whole lot of work happens at the house this week and we will be ready to move in this weekend!


Sephalo said...

I'm sorry your house isnt ready yet, how frustrating! But I am glad you have great family to help out! Dont worry about moving, you are too awesome.. I bet people will be tripping over themselves to get to hang out with you and your cute family!

Malinovka said...

Hope the week goes by fast and that you really get to move in this weekend. Can't wait to see how the house turns out! Here's hoping there will be lots to smile about this week and in the months to come.

Nikki said...

Here's to movers and a place to permanently call home! : )