Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creed Sees a Show in Vegas

Now that Creed is getting older, it's so fun to watch him experience new things.  We bought cheap (and by cheap I mean not full-price, but not very cheap) day-of tickets to the Blue Man Group and The Lion King.  Larry took Creed to the Blue Man Group while I put Ollie to bed at the hotel and the next night we swapped and I got to take Creed to the Lion King.

Larry was excited that He scored front-row center seats for the Blue Man group, but I think that was a little too upclose and personal for Creed.  They had to wear ponchos because they we splattered with paint and mushed up bananas.  If you ask Creed about it, he will tell you he was terrifed, but Larry says Creed really enjoyed about 80% of it.
 I think he liked going out for pizza afterwards more than the show.
 Creed's only seen the movie the Lion King once a few years ago, but he was so excited to see the play.  The elderly people by us glared when we took our seats, but he was so cute and excited and so well-behaved, and then adored him by the end of the show.
 The play broke down so we had an extra intermission (I've never had that happen during a play before). I tried to convince Creed to make a bathroom run and get snacks, but he would not leave his seat because he was afraid of missing even a second of the Lion King.  He's asked me everyday since then if we can go see Lion King again.
The other major highlight of Las Vegas for Creed was seeing this castle.  He kept asking to see the princess inside.  Good thing we're headed to Disneyland in January.


Smiths said...

You have a beautiful family Stephanie. I'm so glad you recognized me at Ikea (sorry for the delayed reaction- I should be friendlier).

A couple questions: Do you make the vietnamese sandwiches, or are you telling me there are places that make them in Utah- I need to know! And, I'm digging your childrens literary book club... how can I join the fun?

David said...

Oh, I love that he still asked about The Lion King for days! Yep, sure sign of a winner. She doesn't do it any more, but for a while Audrey would preface those with a "remember when..." even it was something we'd done, say, before nap!