Monday, May 23, 2011

Did I mention that we decided to renovate the house before we moved in?

I'm so behind on blogging, but while we were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, we hired Geoff Tice, a friend of a friend who specializes in remodeling mid-century modern homes, to help us remodel our home.  We knew the budget would be tight, but the house is sitting empty for a month so we decided to take advantage of the that time.

We stopped by Saturday and this is how our kitchen is looking (so exciting and scary at the same time).  See that hole in the floor? It used to be a wall.  The old kitchen was not that bad, but they had very little cabinetry so they kept all their food in a pantry in the basement so it was not very functional.
 They had to rip up a bunch of the flooring to move the thermostat to the next wall.
 And did I mention that we decided to replace the stairs?
 And while we were at it, why not put holes in all of the ceilings and many of the walls so we can add overhead lighting?
 Did I mention that we're supposed to be moving in on Saturday?  Is it just me or is that not looking very likely?


Heather said...

Oh my goodness what an exciting time for you guys! I cannot wait to see the big reveal. Glad you had so much fun in vegas.

Anna said...

After being renters for a few years this must be so exciting for you. Congrats!

Mom said...

Renovating BEFORE you move in is a great idea. "While we're at it" are the most expensive words in the remodelers vocabulary...right up there with "wonder what's under there" in an older house. And it's great not to be living there...without a kitchen...while the mess is happening...