Monday, March 07, 2011

Snow Totoro

A few weeks ago, we woke to lots of snow, but we were disappointed when we ran outside and the snow wouldn't pack together to make a snowman.  We decided not to give up and brought the snow inside and made mini snowmen, which Creed might have liked even better than real snowmen because he got to stay in his jammies.  When they were done, we moved them onto our porch railing so they could live a longer, happier life.
 By the time Creed got home from pre-school, the snow was wet enough to make a snowman, but by then Creed has bigger plans: he wanted a snow Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro is a very popular movie around here) so I gave it my best shot.
 And yes, Creed would not let me take his picture with Totoro until he was wearing my rainboots and a "Princess skirt" (which is really his blankie tied around him).  He makes me laugh every day.
 Larry said all the neighbors would think Totoro was just a bunny, and most of them probably did, but the next day our neighbors told Creed they loved his Totoro so I got to gloat just a little bit to Larry!


Kim said...

Creed you look so cute in your mom's rain boots and striking a pose. You are growing up to fast.
Stop it I say!

Shar said...

we love totoro! did you guys see him in toy story 3? kapria was so excited and kept pointing him out.

David said...

I know I am behind, but LOVE the snow Totoro!