Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Heart Pinterest

I've spent the last few weeks lecturing my mom, sisters, and anyone else who would listen on why they must join Pinterest ASAP.  Now I can't resist gushing about it to you too because I LOVE it.

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board to mark all your favorite links, but it's better than any bookmarking service that I've used before. When you see something that you like on a website, there's a little "pin it" button on your browser that you click and a window pops up, allowing you to choose any picture from that site to add to your pin-board.  Then you can add a description and categorize your pins.

I have categories like Dream Home, Party Ideas, Things to Make, Recipes, Wishlist, and Places I Want to Go Someday. When I view my pins by category, I see thumbnails of my latest pins.
Then when I click on the category, I see all my pins, and I can click directly on the picture to take me to the website where I found the photo. So easy, right?  It makes referring back to ideas that I saw on the web so much easier.

You can also follow other users on Pinterest (you can follow me here) so I can follow a lot of my favorite bloggers there.  And I'm addicting to browsing Pinterest because it's so fun to see the cool ideas other people are pinning.  When you're looking for an idea for a party or your home, it's a great place to start searching.


Heather said...

Steph! I just started piniterest this week and love it. Can't wait to follow you!

Natalie said...

I just started on Pinterest a couple days ago and haven't really had time to fool around yet. I'm confused as to how we find bloggers or link to our own blog, though. I tried to find a way to add my blog address to my account and I can't figure it out! Any ideas??

that's what she said...

ha! i was just browsing the site earlier today. although i sent in a request to use it and they told me it was still private beta and they'd send me an invite later. that's awesome that you're already getting to use it-i have a feeling this is going to be a lot of fun and a huge time zapper at the same time. :)

Kersten said...

After browsing, I'm thinking this is as good an idea as you were suggesting on Saturday!

Also, your dream house has lots of white paint and windows. :) Hope that helps you narrow down the selection in Utahcountylandia.

Larry said...

It's nice too because when you use someone's idea, you can remember where it came from and give them credit!

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog....and i think i love you already! (in a non stalkerish way!) i have an MA in Children's Literature, I am a blogger and a mom too. I LOVE pinterest!! just joined last night and even though I have a cold, I sat up discovering all the lovely things there! wow!
hope to be back to read more of your writing!
Are you still running your Book Club? I would love to find out more...

Amy said...

So, I've requested an invite but have yet to get one. Does it take long? It's been a few days. Could you send me one? I don't even know how it works!

Amy (