Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A glimpse of Ollie on his birthday

Ollie dressed up to greet all his guests, but that didn't last long.
 We changed him into something a little more comfortable before handing over his cake (he looks dazed because he's staring at his candles)
 I opting out of making any of the food and had Rubio's cater dinner (Ollie LOVES Rubio's and almost eats more than me) and ordered two cakes from Granite bakery, a small pear cake with cream cheese frosting for Ollie to dive into and a large version for everyone else).  He loved the cake.
I mean he REALLY loved the cake and it gave it a little hug.
Creed loved the cake too.
Thanks to all of our family and friends for making Ollie's birthday even more delightful.  We loved having you there!


Kate @ Love and Kate said...

Cuteness!! I love that Ollie's hugging the cake. That is hysterical. Also, Creed looks so grown up in that last picture! :)

Larry said...

It was very fun. Ollie loved it, and Creed still thought the party was mainly for him!

L.R.L said...

I'm sorry we missed time...

The Jensen Family said...

We wished we could have come! Love those boys...and you are Larry are not so bad yourselves