Monday, March 07, 2011

Salt Lake City spotlight - The Train Shoppe

I am a city girl through and through and one of the things that I will really miss about living in a big city is the small specialty shops you can find, like this model train store on the fringe of downtown that Creed loves to visit, the Train Shoppe.
 When you see a sign like that and your running errand with your train loving three-year-old, you have to stop, right?
 As you might imagine, it's full of trains galore and Creed could spend a lifetime there.  There is even a set they will let youngsters drive and many other that they'll turn on so you can watch trains circle the store.
 It's one of those place that's eye-opening to me, a world of train enthusiasts with complicated parts that I never knew existed.  While I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, I love seeing people who embrace something that they are passionate about.  It makes me wonder what Creed will love when he gets older.

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Kim said...

We will have to check out that little train store. Dad wants to get more track for our train. He wants the train to at least be able to go half way around the room if not all the way around.