Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oliver at 9 Months

Oliver is going to be considered a toddler instead of a baby in no time.  Can you believe how big he's getting? This happy little guy keeps things cheerful around here.
He's learning so much.  He's started to say "Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma" when he wants me and "Da Da Da Da Da" when he wants Larry.
He stands on his own a lot more.  I think his record this week was about 15 seconds.
He still growls a lot and has startled quite a few people when we're out on the town.
Luckily, we took these pictures for he got really sick the next day.  He has croup and just lays and whimpers most of the day so I've been spending my time cuddling with him instead of packing because who can refuse this cute little face, especially when he makes the effort to crawl over to you and pull on your pant-leg so you'll pick him up?
Larry says he wants to remember how this month, when he comes home from work, Ollie grins and crawls to him as fast as he can.
He's also very busy exploring, and I love watching him get around which works out well since he often needs to be rescued.
He goes everywhere I go; voting, shopping, pre-school drop-offs . . . The life of a second child who goes along with our busy schedules.

Creed's been helping me introduce Ollie to life's simple pleasures, like swings.
Larry's also trying hard to introduce Ollie to the good things in life, like Ikea.
When Creed was this age, I was always so excited for him to move on to the next thing, but with Ollie I'm happy to let him take his time.  Too bad Ollie has different ideas and is growing up impossibly fast.


Larry said...

Among the 37 trillion things I love about this kid, one minor one - the way he sits in his high chair with his arms slighty up in the air, like in the last picture.

David said...

What a cutie. Sorry, I am (obviously) catching up a bit. But had to say that I love the two tooth look!! Growls, eh? Wonderful!