Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spotted and Hearted

Nothing makes a girl feel better than having a lot of supportive friends.  Thanks so much for all of your kind comments.  We're trying to tackle one thing at a time around here.  It looks like we will have both apartments for a month so we can take our time (although I don't want to, I just want to get the move over with so we can have some fun and focus on Christmas around here.)

Speaking of Christmas, if you're looking for some holiday cheer, fun things are popping up all over town.  If you follow the tradition of setting out your shoes for Sinterklaas and you want to really be authentic, you can pick up chocolate letters at the old Dutch store (or you can order them online if you don't live locally).
Even if you don't need chocolates, I love just stopping by to look for fun Dutch candies and chocolates for stocking stuffers.
And have you been to Costco lately?  Who can pass up a huge, fresh wreath like this for $15.00?  They also have fresh 25' garlands for $15.00, and if I had already moved, I couldn't have resisted them!  Hurry, the garland tends to go fast.


Megan said...

Ollie needs to have his picture on your masthead. :)

meg said...

i found your blog through ohdeedoh and come back from time to time to see what you're up to and i have to tell you i always feel completely inspired. i also grew up in salt lake but haven't even heard of the places you go to, so your reviews make me excited for our next trip back (the dutch store? that's just awesome). thanks for sharing your fun projects and the ways you make life beautiful.
also my husband had some classes from and worked in asce with your dad. small world, huh?

Kate @ Love and Kate said...

Hey Stephanie -- I just caught up on your blogs from the week and I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and feeling for you. You seem to have handled some crazy living situations REALLY well and in a way that has completely amazed me. You are doing a wonderful job - hang in there! Sending LOVE, happy thoughts and prayers your way.