Thursday, December 09, 2010

Coming to you live from a new location!

We survived the move and we couldn't be happier to be settling in a new apartment.  We've been busy unpacking and trying to find places to store things.  Our new home was built over a hundred years ago, but has recently been completely remodeled so everything is new.  It's charming, but it definitely has it's quirks, like the one and only bathroom, which only has a tub with a handheld shower.  It's beautiful, but it will take some getting used to.  You can tell how deep it is from these photos, but it's sort of like swimming in a pool.
 The boys love it, but I have to say a handheld shower is not my style.
 And I have yet to pick up the three shower curtains it requires.  Good thing we can still run over to the old apartment to shower right now.
And here's the part where I have to admit something weird about myself, I have a weird phobia of showering in new places. I seriously dread it.  I HATE hotel bathrooms no matter how luxurious they are.  I HATE figuring out how the drains work and working to find just the right temperature with knobs I'm not used to.  And thinking about who might have showered there before? Yikes!  Do any of you feel the same way?  There must be a name for my condition . . .

Even though this tub has just been reglazed and this house has been under construction for years so I don't have to fear who used it before, I still dreaded using this tub, but now that I've tried it out a few times, I have to admit, if you like taking baths, it's pretty amazing.  Do you think it will make my family members want to come stay with me?  Who wouldn't want to soak in there while listening to their favorite Pandora station?


Krista Hansen said...

The tub looks pretty fun. As a shower, kinda complicated. Sure hope you're more coordinated than I would be with that. And I don't mind showering other places, but taking a bath somewhere else creeps me out. Ha Ha.

that's what she said...

that is a BEAUTIFUL tub! but showering in it? weird! And i'm like you. I actually will shower with flip flops on when we're at a hotel bc it grosses me out. lol.

Larry said...

Neglected detail - the tub is original to the house, circa 1907!

Pixie said...

I *always* carry flip flops in my suitcase for hotel showers since I travel so much for work. That is ever since getting stuck in a scary hotel room with a dirty tub in Vegas and having to shower in my socks lol.

What freaks me out even more are the large garden tubs with whirlpool jets. Ewww! What's all stuck in those holes, jets and filters?

But anyhoo, your tub does look pretty amazing for bubble baths, candles and music.

Nikki said...

That tub is calling my name!