Monday, September 28, 2009

July 4th 2009

Oh dear, it's October and I'm posting about the Fourth of July! I better start blogging a lot more or skip a lot of this summer.

My family goes crazy for the Fourth and this year was no exception. Marissa and her family were in town, and of course we couldn't miss watching the parade with my dad's side of the family!

Creed and Logan sat next to ach other for much of the parade, waving their tiny flags.
And this year, thanks to a new schedule, Larry even made it to the parade. I'm not sure what this picture was about, but sadly, it's the only one I have of him to prove he was there.
There was the usual Provo parade awesomeness that included camping out overnight for a spot (which thankfully did not include me), the race beforehand, loud cannons, lots of beauty queens waving, missionaries getting a huge cheer from the crowd, my family getting the whole crowd to chant for bands to play and balloons to twirl. This year Marissa even got her picture taken with Captain America ( I dared her to without thinking and I should have known that she would!)

And this year we also had some pretty fantastic glasses in the crowd, like these on Eli and his girlfriend, Brenna.

Me and Marissa
Whitney and Scott
and Tyler and Lisa even stopped by.
I meant to steal pictures of the rest of the days festivities from my mom. We had a big family BBQ and let the kids stay up late to watch the fireworks. We all thought Creed would be terrified (our neighbor's little street fireworks sent him into hysterics), but when the big show started, he was in awe and has been asking for fireworks every night since.

I went to bed that night with a heart full of gratitude for a wonderful family and a free country.


Heather said...

can't decide which I like more, the pic of Creed and his flag or everybody wearing hollywood star glasses

Larry said...

So the money - I bought cotton candy for someone from a band of roaming Boy Scouts, and the change from a $20 for a $2 item was extensive, and it made me feel rich, like in a rap video. Hence the picture.