Monday, September 28, 2009

Things we inherited from Grandpa Ford (besides Larry's good looks)

I think the saddest part of going through Grandpa Ford's things was how many items probably meant a lot to him that we knew nothing about. He was very private about certain things. None of us was allowed near the cedar chest of his most sentimental items so it was sad to go through it and not know why some things were saved. He let us know that Keri got Grandma Ford's wedding ring, Scott got the piano, and other than that, he didn't want to talk about it.

That made me want to document what we inherited from him so someday Creed will know the story behind them. First, was Larry's dad's favorite childhood accessory, his 'coon skin cap. I'll have to share a picture of him wearing it, but I couldn't find it at the moment.
Next was a table that's been sitting in his storage room for ages. I know he inherited from one of his relatives (maybe an aunt?) but none of us can remember exactly. Isn't that sad? It's not in the best shape and the top half is currently still at my parents' house, but I love owning something that has a history in Larry's family. I don't ever remember telling him that I wanted this table, but Grandpa Ford told Keri and Scott that I really wanted it and so it became ours.
This compass is broken, but Creed discovered the compass and magnifying glass while we were cleaning out and he was smitten with them. He has already spent a lot of time exploring with them.
This ivory necklace was Grandma Ford's
Every time we visited Grandpa Ford, Creed went into a cupboard in the kitchen and got this English-German dictionary out and carried it around with him for the entire visit (no one in the family speaks German, by-the-way, so we have no idea why it was there). It made Grandpa Ford laugh for hours so we took it home for Creed, and he continues to carry it around and leaf through the pages pretending to read it.
We snagged this little apron last-minute from the garage sale pile. We're assuming it was Larry's dad's but we really have no clue. Creed loves wearing it in his play kitchen and I love the hand embroidered details.
When we found Larry's dad's old Robert the Robot toy we all knew it had to belong to Creed because of his extreme love for robots. Larry remembers playing with this when he was little. It doesn't work anymore, but it sure looks cool with Creed's little robot collection in his room.

This old Remington typewriter was the treasure that I was so excited to take home. I was seriously just saying that I wanted an old typewriter and then I had my choice to two. Now I just have to figure out how to find a ribbon for it. Isn't it perfect?
Larry took home a couple of games that he loved when he was young. He actually never played them at Grandpa's, his family had their own copies, but he was beyond thrilled to find his own copies.
He's been telling me about the game Masterpiece for years so now I'll have a chance to play it with him.
Some of Larry's dad's baby clothes were in the cedar chest, and how could we resist taking this home?
And this tiny letterman's sweater is in bad shape, but we couldn't possibly leave it in the donate pile. It found its way home with us too.
There are a few more things of Larry's that I missed because I have no idea where he stashed them away so hopefully I'll be posting about a few more odds and ends.

It's just nice to have a few things around the house to remind of Grandpa Ford every time we see them.


Larry said...

I'll admit - I'm not yet ready to put them all away. I like the reminders.

I LOVE the robot and remember playing with it as a kid. And we'll have to find and post a picture of my Dad in the coon skin cap - it'll complete it!

Thanks for the post Steph!!

Valerie said...

What wonderful treasures!

(We have the Masterpiece game too, it's a really fun game, doesn't feel dated in the last, a classic!)

acutely cherished said...

Stephanie, I tell you this every time I leave a comment, but I love your blog! It is my favorite, you are so creative and write so well!
Oh, and I'm in your sisters photography class and loving it! You and your family are all too talented! :)
Those pictures she took of you on the ski lift are amazing!

The Jensen Family said...

I cant find the picture in the coon skin cap either! Hopefully Scott can. I love the stuff you chose; one of my favorite things is seeing what has sentimental value to everyone else.

I thought you took home a killer pair of Keds? Why didnt you post about those? They were so beautifully crunchy.

The Jensen Family said...

Oh and Larry, dont worry about not being able to put the stuff away yet. I have my stuff sprawled all over the room you see when you first walk into our house. Lets just say lots of people ask if i just returned home from a trip.

Scott said...

Great post! Masterpiece was quite educational for the Ford's as art was not our family's strong point.

My Dad spoke some German and may have taken some in school which could explain the dictionary.

The mini-letterman jacket is cool. There are some companies that can refinish the table to brand new if you don't want the hassle.

I will look for the picture of my Dad in the raccoon hat.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

looks like you got to keep some good memories. glad to see you posting, i figured you must be spending lots of time w/ family.

Kate said...

So glad you're back! And masterpiece is a GREAT game. My siblings and I used to play it for hours at my grandpa's house!

Melinda said...

Masterpiece was one of my favorites growing up as well. And we have the same ancient game at our house. We must have a marathon game session with it sometime soon!