Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life after

I never spent a lot of time thinking about it, but a LOT of work often follows the loss of a loved one, and that was definitely true after losing Grandpa Ford. Luckily for us, Scott lives in Utah and Keri and Matt flew in from Texas for two weeks so along with the cleaning, sorting, dumping, scrubbing, dividing, and painting; there was also a lot of laughing and wishing we all lived closer together. And, Keri and I finally got to attach the wallpaper Grandpa Ford has been wanting removed for years, but would never let us touch (let's just say it was vinyl and it was a beast and after that, we decided not to tackle the wallpaper in the rest of the house).
And it was pretty heavenly watching these three little great grandsons together.

Creed worshipped Jack and followed him EVERYWHERE and Jack was good to put up with it.
He even agreed to take a bath with Creed as long as he could keep his bathing suit on for modesty's sake.
Almost every time I turned around at Grandpa Ford's, Creed was sporting a new pair of glasses
A little like someone else who was wearing something crazy every time I turned around.

We especially owe Keri and Matt a lot because they were like machines and we never would have had the house ready to sell without all their hard work. The closing on the house was last week and it was bittersweet because we will miss the time we spent with Grandpa Ford there, but I like the idea of a new family being there and making it their own.
Oh, and as an added AWESOME bonus, I know now what Keri and I will look like we we become old ladies.
Like I said, Awesome!


Taunya said...

Stephenie, so glad you are back at it again girl! You were certainly missed.

The Jensen Family said...

That is quite possibly the most hideous picture I have ever seen of myself!

We were ALL like machines! and we make a good team!

I love the wall paper picture because that is the exact spot of wallpaper that I worked on for 3 days straight. I still have nightmares of pink wallpaper!

Thanks for making me laugh- and cry all at the same time!

Too bad we don't have a video of us car dancing to the hamster song--that happy thought gets me through a lot of sad moments!

I am so grateful we all had each other to make it through this summer.

Mom said...

All of that work is a necessary part of the healing process. Cleaning out all that JUNK - and laughing and crying at the same time..telling the old stories...and hearing them from another point of view. I feel sorry for my sibs who were too far away or otherwise unable to help clean out daddy's house. We tried to save them some of the "treasures" but they missed out on more than they know.