Friday, January 19, 2007

She's crafty

Just yesterday I was thinking I had nothing to blog about (I like to blame Larry's incredibly long hours this week), and now today I can't stop posting. My friend Laura and the Kiddley site both posted about an idea another blogger had that I think is brilliant!

Amy, the creator of these dolls, doesn't live my her sister Sarah so even though her kids talk to their Aunt Sarah on the phone, they didn't really have a visual of her so Amy got the idea to use a real picture of Sarah to create Aunt Sarah Dolls for her kids to play with.

Seeing a picture of a real person on a doll is a little bit freaky, but I also think it's such a fun idea for people like me who don't live by the rest of their family. I could make a whole family and baby Ford would grow up know what his realives look like. I was telling my mom about it last night and she said it would even been fun to use a picture of your child to create a doll version of themselves to play with.

For a while I've been thinking about all of the fun/cool things my friends know how to do that I'd like to learn (as I said, there's a lot that I wish I'd learned from my mom before I moved away and I don't want to end up feeling the same way after I move away from Columbus). I've been toying with the idea of starting a how-to group that meets once a month or something. My friends Melissa and Katie make the cutest hooded towels and Krissy's bags are amazing, and my friends Cat and Jessica can knit just about anything. I'm sure they wouldn't mind teaching a few other people and maybe they'd like to learn a few things too. I orginally got the idea while thinking about some home improvement jobs that I would like to attempt. Think about it; it would be great. Who ever was hosting could think of a project they wanted to do around their house and we could find someone to teach us to do whatever they chose and the whole group could help them finish the project or at least get started. The attendees would benefit by learning a new skill and the person hosting could get some help on their house. Anyway, I thought why not just make it a how-to group and we could learn all sorts of cool things, like how to plant bulbs in the fall or force them in the winter, how to tile a floor, how to create a basic website, and how to make a sock monkey. The possibilities are endless.

I realize there are a couple of flaws in this plan so far. First, I'm already in charge of the children's literature book club and I'm not sure I'm ready to be in charge of another group just as I'm preparing for the arrival of Baby Ford. And second, You really would have to limit the size of the group so that everone would have to have a chance to be hands-on or get a project done at their house and I hate excluding anyone so I'm not sure how you would manage that.

Anyway, if you were in a how-to group, what would you want to learn to do?

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Mom to Allison and James said...

I want to learn how to do signs with sayings. I see in peoples houses all the time signs that have cute sayings on them. I tried to do one, but mine looked aweful because my stenciling was bad. I would want to learn how to stencil and have it still look professional. I actually think you could teach this and a million other things I would like to learn. You are so talented with everything. Hey if you start the club, I want to join!