Monday, January 08, 2007

The Grand Turk

Originally our cruise was supposed to head to the Cayman Islands and then on to Jamaica, but after finding out that ten ships would be at the Cayman Islands on the same day, our cruise director changed plans so we went to Jamaica first and then we went the The Grand Turk. It really didn't make a difference to me since I didn't know anything about any of the islands, but I'm so glad they changed plans because they Grand Turk was my favorite part ofthe trip and I think the rest of my family would agree. Jamaica was fun but it was touristy and crowded and expensive. The Grand Turk couldn't have been more opposite. Their port for cruise ships was only built last year and there was only one other ship there. We took a taxi into town and then walked until we found a shop to rent snorkling gear. We hit the beach right outside the shop and it was beautiful. We spent the whole day there and felt like we were on a desserted island. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures so this is all that I have.

Here's Larry with the Conch shell that he found while snorkeling.

And here was are getting ready to go back to the ship.It was the perfect relaxing day. My parents said they're tempted to move to the Grand Turk now and I would love that because I would love to go back on vacation and spend more time there.

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