Monday, January 22, 2007

For the love of stationary!

I woke up yesterday morning, got dressed and headed to the car thinking I should just make it to church on time, and then I opened my garage door to see this.
And the snow was just starting. It may not be exciting to a lot of you, but we haven't had the snow really cover the ground in Columbus once this winter so it was exciting to us (or to me anyway, Larry worked all weekend so he didn't even know that it snowed until quite awhile later).
I spent part of Saturday working on these invitations for a friend's baby shower. I kept them pretty simple to put together because I had to put together 38 of them. They took a while, but I'm happy with the results. (edited to add: I got the idea for the crying baby from another invitation and I just did my best to copy it figuring I'm not selling these so that should be legal. The rest I created myself)

I also recently got this invitation for my friend Alicia's wedding. I can't really take any of the credit because Alicia knew just what she wanted and had a sample so I only had to follow directions. I love the unusual shape of her photo. I can't wait to head to the wedding in a few weeks to see how her reception turns out because I love her style (plus, I love her so I just can't wait to see her and meet her fiance).

And for the few of you who haven't seen it, this was our Christmas card this year. The pictures that my sister Candice took are really what make the card and it only took her a few minutes to take them in front of her house, just as we were getting ready to head home. I printed them before we left for our trip in December, but I didn't notice that a lot of them didn't print well so I just barely got around to reprinting a few so some of you are about to get a really late Christmas card. I figure better late than never!


Elisa said...

You are so talented. I think the baby shower invite is darling. I have actually seen that little guy in the corner on professional card sites. Where do you get graphics like that?

Your Christmas card is beautiful. The pictures and the snowflakes are wonderful. I hope you post your baby announcements when the time comes.

Larry said...

Amazing as always!

Kristi Brooke said...

ya good thing you kept it simple... heee hee! those cards are incredible. have you seen my friend stacy's blog? you would love her stationery as well.

hey i can't find your email for some reason but do you have friends in your class by the last name of Rich. we have a new guy coming to the department at Walter Reed and I think you guys might be in the same class. We left a message with them to see if they need anything.
so if you know them, let them know we are happy to help in anyway.

Melinda said...

I adored your card, but I think my mom liked it more. I'm pretty sure she read it at least three times each time she was at our house over the holidays!