Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feel the Love

I know a lot of people hate Valentine's Day because it's basically a commercial holiday, but I love it. A day when we're all encouraged to be as mushy and cheesy as we want to; who can resist? A day when teenage girls dream of gifts from a secret admirers, and elementary school kids passout valentine's with their favorite cartoon characters and their careful signatures, and you can see candy and hearts wherever you go.

My family only had one Valentine's Day tradition; my dad always bought a Valentine for everyone else in my family and wrote them a note about the ways they are special and how much he loves them. Getting a card from my dad in the mail is still one of the things I love most about Valentine's Day.

I realized that I don't really have any Valentine's Day decorations, and I think it's really hard to find something that's not too cutesy or cheesy, but I needed something around the house to put me in a festive mood. I decided on something to hang around our candelier so I bought this garland on sale ar JoAnn's. Then I cut it up and strung the hearts on plain fishing line. Yes, it is still pretty cheesy, but I can't resist red glitter.
And if you're thinking that I have too much free time on my hands, yes, I really do! Larry is really busy this month so I'm trying to entertain myself. I also made a few more baby shower invitations, watched the Gilmore Girls, went on a walk, and fixed one of our toilets (my dad, who celebrates Thomas Crapper's birthday (the inventor of the toilet) would be so proud).


Larry said...

I think it turned out quite nicely. I'm proud of you as always!

Anonymous said...

We always send out Valentine's packages too. Did you get yours? Also, the hearts look great around your light. I almost purchased those same hearts to send to you but the line was huge so I put them back. Love ya, mom