Sunday, June 04, 2006

They're here! They're here!

Dayna and Brennan Peterson are here! Let me tell you a little bit about Dayna. She was one of my roommates my Freshman year of college and she was the ringleader of all of the trouble that we got into that year (although this weekend she claimed our other roommate Em was really the mastermind, but we all know the truth!) Dayna is hilarious and she is the queen of pranks. One Saturday morning I woke up early for a lacrosse scrimage only to look down and find my whole room was filled with styrofoam cups full of water, and if I wanted to get out of my room I would have to start a flood or drink my way out. I opted to skip practice and go back to sleep and let my roommate Jasmine deal with it.

Another time Dayna and Em found some glamour shots of our roommate Katie and they made tons of flyers with the picture that said “Good luck on finals Hollywood Katie Thayer” and hung them all over campus and each place she had a final. Katie was a little late for her first final and she missed the flyers and when she got to class they all started clapping and she didn’t know why. Later when they went to help her take all of the flyers down she was a little traumatized that tons of them were missing so on April Fool’s Day, Dayna and I found the cutest guy we could in the cafeteria and we sent him to her job at the copy center where he asked her to blow this flyer up as big as she could. She saw they flyer of herself and wanted to know why he would do that, that was a picture of her on the flyer and she was not going to blow it up for him. Then he told her that his roommate saw that girl all over campus and had a huge crush on her so he kept a copy of the flyer and wanted to blow it up and hang it over his roommate’s bed for April Fools Day. He asked Katie for her phone number instead which she was happy to give to him. I know right about now you’re thinking that was kind of mean and Katie must have been mad, but she wasn’t because he was seriously cute and he now had her phone number.

Then there was the time that Dayna and Em came home from the grocery store and they each had a new loaf of bread so they decided to make a million peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and take big bites out of a few of them and then leave them all over our friend’s kitchen in the middle of the night so when they woke up it would look like it rained sandwiches (which became even funnier when the girls heard them in their kitchen in the middle of the night so they hid in their bathroom for two hours and then came out only to find random sandwiches everywhere.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time we had an opening for a new roommate and girls came by to meet us and check out the apartment and Dayna and Em each made up a weird personality defect to scare away each perspective roommate like when they were giving the tour the would pretend to be a total klepto and steal things from each room as they were giving the tour or they would pretend to be a pathological liar and keep spurting out all sorts of conflicting information about themselves. And it totally worked. We never got a new roommate and I had a room to myself for the rest of the year.

I could go on and on for ages. On a more serious note, Dayna is just so much fun to be around and I was so excited to hear she was moving to Columbus. She arrived with her husband Brennan late Thursday night. I planned on heading over after work on Friday to help them get settled, but due to a power outage I got to leave around two and spend all afternoon unpacking with Dayna while Brennan shopped for things they needed. They worked really hard to be ready for the arrival of Dayna’s mom and aunt who were flying in on Saturday with Dayna’s twin daughters. We did convince them to take a break for dinner and Thurman’s (since we were starving) and a short tour of Columbus.

Here's a bad picture of Larry looking like he ate too much.

Saturday was my friend Jessica's baby shower (actually she called it a sprinkle since she was having baby #2 so she already had the necessities and just needed some clothes for a baby boy instead of a baby girl).

And finally, here's a picture of my new bulletin board made with the shutters I bought ages ago. Maybe not the most exciting news to you, but I had to show that I finally hung them up.


Jen said...

love the bulletin board - another wonderfully creative idea...go you!

Larry said...

I don't think it's a bad picture of me at all. It captures the essence of just how full I was.

Kristi Brooke said...

i found your blog from my cousin Elisa. I am loving these shutters!!! what a great idea.

my husband just finished his res/fellowship. agghhh! it feels good to be done!

enjoy it!