Saturday, June 24, 2006

The beginning

Oh, where to begin? I think I'm going to post about the Surviving the Applewhites reading on the book club blog, but let me tell you about the rest of my Friday night.

First the backstory:
One of my very best friends, Alicia, had a pet peeve when she lived in Ohio; all over Ohio there are people with cement geese sculptures on their porches and they dress the geese up for different occasions and holidays. One day we met up with Alicia for dinner only to find her particularly peeved because she saw a cement goose in a cardinal costume and she said that you should not dress up geese, but you cannot dress them up as other birds, it's just stupid.

Once Alicia moved to Texas she started to miss things she thought she would never miss about Ohio, and she finally admitted to me that she might even miss the dressed up geese a little bit. In honor of her admission, Larry and I drove around town taking pictures of so of the best dressed geese and mailed her and album of dressed up geese pictures. Then last fall when we were visiting Mammoth Caves, we came across cement geese for sale. We couldn't afford a full-size gooose, nor could we lift it but they had little cement ducks for sale and I couldn't resist buying one for Alicia, who would grown when she saw it. It was still too heavy to mail so my layover in Denver was the perfect opportunity to make the delivery.

Of course I couldn't deliver a naked cement duck do after the script reading my friend Cat and her daughter help me throw together some wonderful outfits. They were so funny Cat made me take pictures so here are a few of my favorites.

And here are my lovely helpers hard at work on a native american outfit

After two hours of sleep for me and no sleep for Larry, we left for the airport and 4:30 in the morning. I spent the day with Alicia and her boyfriend in Denver. We checked out her new apartment and then spent the day couch shopping. Of course she loved the duck. For those of you that know Lish and want to check out her new boyfriend, here they are on the balcony at her new apartment.

Larry and my parent met me at the Reno airport and the first place we headed was In-N-Out (Larry's choice in celebration of completing his intern year).

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