Friday, June 23, 2006

A glimmer and a twinkle in my day

Things That I would be doing this weekend if I wasn’t leaving town:

  • Watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion at the Ohio Theater tonight or the matinee of Mary Poppins tomorrow and taking the theater tour afterwards (I bet that it a cool tour)
  • Checking out the Frog Jump Festival in Dublin (I think it’s at Coffman Park)
  • Watching The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at Shakespeare in the Park in German Village
  • Working on Card Kits with Candice (Let's be honest, this would be most of my weekend)
  • Maybe checking out my friend’s booth at the street fair at ComFest (Where else are you going to see tons of hippies gathered together in Columbus this weekend?)
  • Or maybe I would end up checking out the Art Affair at Easton
  • Meeting pop-up artist David Carter at the Museum of Art on Sunday or the Southeast branch of the library on Monday
  • Watching Otterbein’s production of Harvey (It’s a little pricey, but their plays are always worth it)

It’s a good thing I’m leaving so I don’t have to choose!

Things that made me smile during my lunch break:

  • The three-year-old boy at Wal-mart who ran up to the door, raised his arms high in the air, and yelled in a huge voice, “OPEN SESAME!”
  • The little old lady with beautiful white curls and perfectly applied hot-pink lipstick who was buying poise pads and smiled at me and insisted I go before her in line because I was only buying a few things (for Alicia’s gift) and she was in absolutely no hurry at all.
  • This paper I designed to use in part of one of my card kits

  • This post of my friend Melinda’s husband experiencing his first J-Dawg
  • An email from Lish to discuss meeting tomorrow
  • 263 freshly printed pictures
  • Working on three things from my to do list. Maybe I’ll finish more of them than I thought! It's amazing how much you can accomplish in an hour when little old ladies let you cut in line.

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