Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you sick of hearing me talk about Valentine's Day?

Because I still wanted to share a few pictures from the valentine exchange. Thanks to Melinda, there's even a picture of me :)

 So I like to go all festive and decorate for the holidays, especially if I'm having a party (I am my mother's daughter after all), but I barely have anything for Valentine's day (because it's not really a holiday anyone decorates for, right?). I'd much rather invest the money in renovations then temporary decorations so decorating for the holidays in this house has been all about big impact on the cheap.  As luck would have it, the garlands of paper doilies and bakers twine that I used last year, fit perfectly across our new living room. And my mom brought over pillows and some pictures from her house to spruce things up(I didn't even ask, she's just that kind of party planner).
 And I washed down the big canvas chalkboard that I have hanging in my living room from Christmas (I still need to tell you about that because I love it) and drew something Valentiney.

Sidenote-Creed's friend Lydia saw this and said, "I thought that guy with the arrows was supposed to be naked." And Creed was shocked and said that she shouldn't talk about naked people and said it would be gross if he was naked.  Haha!
 More old doilies and a little garland from my sister on the fireplace
 I had "All you need is love" hanging down my hallway last year so I put it on our entryway in a big old frame I snagged from my grandma's trash years ago.
 And then, as it turned out, I had several cheap paper garlands and doilies from the past left over and just as the party started, a few friends helped me cover a wall in the kitchen with them.
 The perfect backdrop for cute pictures of friends!

 Add bunches of sugar cookies and frosting (I always let guests frost their own because frosting sugar cookies takes ten million years and then where do you put them all?)
 And sprinkles and candy to decorate the cookies (and some fruit because not everyone eats cookies)
 Add pink sodas and milk of course because what else would you drink with billions of cookies
 And you have yourself a party that's pretty easy to put together.  And your husband may even sneak in to steal food and see you're awesome friends.

 And your friends will go home with baskets of goodies (and tons of cookies because if you're like me, you will make way too many cookies!)
PS- sorry friends who are not pictured. Can you believe I did not remember to pull out my camera until the party was over? How did that happen?


ellen said...

Not sick of it. Just trying to figure out how to score an invitation. :)

Larry said...

Awesome party. At least I think it was.


I did enjoy all the candy though.

Shauna said...

Seriously it kills me how far away we live! I totally want to come to all of your parties. Miss you friend - like crazy!! We're coming out in May. When we finalize dates I'll let you know and hopefully we can all get together.

Kate said...

So adorable and cute! I'm so jealous of your talent!! LOVE!

amyh said...

Another idea to steal! Thanks, Steph :)