Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creed's Valentines

Creed's Valentines turned out so well this year, but I was in such a rush to get to his class on time that I only have a few hastily shot photos. They are so bad that I am seriously tempted to re-do the whole thing, but let's be honest, I'm two months behind in blogging so that will probably never happen so here they are in all their messy glory :)

Every since Creed spotted some heart-shaped balloons last year, he has been enamored with the idea of handing out heart-shaped balloons as his valentines, totally impractical for a thousand reasons, but I decided to make it work. So one day last week we stepped out on the porch and took a few pictures of him jumping with his arm in the air.
 I was inspired this valentine (Created by one of Larry's ex-girlfriends, Alissa, who I actually think of as one of my blogging friends.  Is that weird?) and thought we could do something similar only stick the balloon string through the card to make it look like Creed was holding on to the balloon and floating away.
I just cut little slits with an exacto and slid the balloon string through them

 I tied a heart-shaped sucker to the bottom of the string so no balloons would float away, but it actually wasn't necessary, the card was enough to weigh it down. If you use 4" x 6" photo paper and balloons like this, you could probably just tie a knot to keep the string from sliding through, but we didn't want to disappoint any preschoolers and we went with the suckers on the bottom just in case.

You should have seen how excited the preschoolers were.  A note of advice if you plan to try something similar, the balloons got really tangled up with our windy weather so next time I would bring a bundle of balloons to your final destination a little early and then add the cards or treats on the spot.  Luckily, we ended up getting them untangled in time with help from another parent.


Alissa said...

Is it weird? Maybe a little, but I sometimes forget that Larry and I dated. He's just a nice guy.

And honestly, awesome presentation. My kids each would have flipped for this.

Amy said...

So clever! He's a cutie.

Rose said...

Love those Valentines! Okay, so not to be a super creepy person or anything, but I was wondering if you cut Creed's hair yourself? My son's hair grows like crazy and I've cut it a few times myself, but it always seems to grow twice as fast every time I give him a trim and I'm afraid to cut it too short in the front (bang area). If you do cut his hair yourself do you have any tips? Thanks!