Friday, March 09, 2012

I forgot to share

My valentines for the Valentine Exchange. Let's be honest, I was low on ideas so they weren't anything brilliant but I think cute packaging made all the difference.

I started off with some cookie dough that I made and froze ahead of time.  I wrapped each little batch in a big square of freezer paper and sealed it with a heart sticker.
 I just happened to have everything on hand from past projects, except for the large, red pillow boxes that I picked up at xpedx.  Ten frozen cookies about the size of a walnuts fit in the box perfectly.
 I slipped baking instructions into the little chevron bags and they were good to go.
I knew everyone would be getting lots of sweets at the party so this way, they would have a treat for later.

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Amy said...

Where did you get the pillow boxes. They are great!