Friday, August 05, 2011

I have too much stuff

When we put over half of the things we own in storage, we thought it would be for a month or two; it turned out to be over a year.  There were a few things that I missed (sewing machine, winter clothes . . .) and we even had to rifle through the storage units looking for a few of them (oh yes, I said "units" as in more than one because we had that much to store).  But you know what? I didn't miss a lot of it, and I found myself thinking that if we could go without all of it for a year, we could surely pitch a lot of it.

Until I started unpacking the boxes.

Hello Robert Sabuda pop-up book collection!  You have swiftly become Creed's new BFF.  He spends hours a day with you and shows you off to our guests.
 Hello rows and rows of shoes and awesome storage racks!  You make me smile every time I stand before you pondering what to wear. I just wish that Creed didn't love you so much because you're becoming a little worse for the wear.
 Hello extra dishes, that I completely don't need, you're making life around here a bit more exciting.
Good think we have much more space in this new house.  Could you part with such dear friends?


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

You tricked me at the beginning of this post into thinking you had gotten rid of a ton of stuff. I could feel the guilt rising up about my own horde... But when I realized you were keeping it, my mood lightened and the guilt disappeared. Ha ha! I think we both would like to be minimalists, but love our things too much!

MeganRuth said...

I love your book collection, and I love that I know all the books on the top and bottom shelves in that pic just by the little bit showing. Yay for great books! Yay for being reacquainted w such books!

amyh said...

We're about to receive a shipment of stuff we haven't seen for over a year. I can't even remember what's in it! Probably both trash and treasures.