Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School

Creed was all smiles when it came to starting preschool this year.
 We had the chance to meet his teacher the day before school started.  He was shy, but I can tell he loves his teacher already.
 The next day he told me that he was a little bit nervous, but he didn't hesitate to jump in the car when our neighbor Davis and his dad showed up to carpool. It will be interesting to watch their friendship unfold this year because Creed spends most of his time pretending to be a princess and is used to playing with all the girls in our neighborhood, and Davis hates girls. The first time I met him he was crying because the only seat left in church was next to a girl, and he would not sit there because he hates girls.  In the car on the way home he kept asking me to change the songs because they were too girlish (any song with a girl singing is "too girlish"). Should make for an interesting year.
 I'm also feeling a little unsure about the preschool.  There aren't too many options here and this particular school seems so strict.  Creed's already reading a bit so he's up for a challenge, but there is no playground, there wasn't a toy in sight in the tiny classroom, and when I asked Creed what he learned on his first day, he told me, "We just learned that you sit in your chair and you be quiet and you never talk."  Hmmmm, I'm feeling nervous about this.  He's only four afterall.

I can't tell you how much I've stressed about this.  Is it normal to worry so much about preschool?
Davis and his dad picked Creed up a little early so we took first day of school pictures after school. I had Creed write his name on a paper with his grade and year and hope to do this every year so he can see him develop (an idea I can take no credit for because I swear I saw it somewhere on Pinterest)

I love that kid!


Christy said...

I would be nervous about a preschool with no playground or toys. That's what preschool is and exploration!

WendyandGabe said...

You should go with your mommy gut. I've taught preschool at both a strict private school and at an inner city school and I've come to believe that the most important part of preschool is what can be learned through play and interaction with other children. Kid's need opportunities to explore, get messy, have conflict resolution "opportunities" etc. Children this age are also naturally curious and have a passion for learning. You don't want to destroy that if you think he is having a negative experience.

Kim said...

Creed looks so happy about school. I'm sure he will have a great time.

Heather said...

Yeah... I would be nervous too. We start academic "training" way too early these days. You are right - he is only four. Many studies show that boys aren't actually developmentally ready to read until 7 or 8 - when we push, sometimes it creates reluctant readers. Sorry to be a bummer... I agree that you should trust your mommy gut.

Krista Hansen said...

I think it's totally normal to worry this much about Preschool. Sam did fine last year with no playground but they had lots of toys. I LOVED his teacher! She is also the art teacher at Canyon Crest. Give it a week, sit in on a class if you can and then make a decision. You're a great mom and you know what's best for cutie pie Creed!

lisa h. said...

Hope it goes well...maybe the toys were in a closet?

Grazi said...

Knowing you just a little by reading your blog (and being a true believer of learning through play), I think you need to go with your gut. Not seeing a toy might be just an organizing style of the school but learning "that you sit in your chair and you be quiet and you never talk" raises a big flag to me. At 4, kids should play and have fun, there will be sooo many years of academics for them as it is. In any case, you are the one who will know what's best for your little one (just don't go against your intuition because of standards from our society). Good luck and thank you for sharing your wonderful blog! Grazi, a mom from CT

Taunya said...

Such a great big boy he is getting to be. I started reading your blog when he was just a wee lil thing. Time does fly so very quickly.
As far as the school goes, I might ask if it would be okay to observe his classroom. They may ask that parents steer clear of the classroom for the first couple of weeks until the kids get the routine down, but I would think that they should allow you to sit in observation. If so, then you will definitely have an opportunity to get a feel for how you like what is happening in the classroom. If not, then I would request a teacher conference to just ask her questions about the role of play in her classroom and what a typical day looks like, etc. I have no doubt that the answer will be placed on your heart.