Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I hate being so far from some of our family. Especially since I'm dying to hold Candice's new baby Sebastian,  Marissa is due in the fall, and I have yet to meet my nephew Max! Creed doesn't get to see his cousins often, but he has a newly discovered bond with his cousin Cole thanks to Iphones + Facetime.  This morning Cole called Creed.  They chatted and giggled for a while, then they played Club Penguin online together while still talking to each other via facetime.   They do this regularly.

Then Creed suggested they watch a movie together.  They opted for Tangled.  We turned it on at our house and Cole watched in on his phone.
 Grant even made a brief appearance.
They watched the whole thing. THE. WHOLE. THING. 
They crack me up.

Four hours on the I-Phone and we're feeling a little bit closer together.


Yvonne said...

Oh, I love technology! Facetime was invented for exactly that, so that people come closer together.
Very cute.

that's what she said...

I can completely relate. My parents just moved away out of state and we bought a webcamera to keep in touch on skype-best purchase ever! so glad we weren't living 100 years ago when moving away actually meant saying goodbye for good in most cases. Yay for technology! :)