Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Gets Sweeter When You Have More Than One Valentine

Our Valentine's Day celebration started at exactly 12:01 when Larry asked me if I wanted to open my present.  Yes, yes I did. So while the little ones slept, we exchanged gifts and basked in a few moments of adult conversation.  He got me a necklace that I didn't even know he knew I wanted.

After Larry fell asleep, I got up and tucked valentines all over the house for him.  He always lays his work clothes out the night before so I slipped a valentine in his pocket and was thoroughly amused the next morning by how long he wore those pants before he found it.

We decided not to go out on Valentine's Day (we would celebrate later, when there weren't as much of a crowd so we wouldn't have to leave Ollie long since it was out first time leaving him with anyone else in months).  I think we might continue celebrating that way because it was sweet to spend the whole day celebrating as a family.

My dad always gave us a valentine (he still does to this day).  Larry is carrying on the tradition and we loved Creed's reaction.
This crazy Valentine plays music and lights up and is now Creed's most treasured belonging.

Ollie will be thrilled one day too, but not today.
I gave Creed a little book and then we had breakfast together before Larry left for work (he usually wakes up and is long gone before the rest of us).  Creed and I spent the rest of the morning putting together his Valentines.
After dinner that night, we all got in our pajamas and watched Enchanted.  Years ago, I'm not sure I would have thought wearing pajamas and watching a kid's movie would the perfect ending to one of the most charming Valentine's Days ever, but it truly was.  


Larry said...

Maybe Ollie will enjoy Valentine's Day next year (at least in pictures, he didn't apparently enjoy it - but I promise he had fun too).

Kratik said...

Very well written.
A great experience and yes, it sure was too good not to share. Great photos.

Have you ever felt grateful to your teachers. Well, if you haven't, I sure have.
Read this...

Kim said...

Dad wrote you a valentine. Unfortunately, it is sitting on the kitchen counter. I guess we will deliver it in person on Wednesday.