Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creed's Valentines

We wanted to give Creed's pre-school classmates something homemade.  I wanted it to be something simple that Creed could help me put together, and something that he would be excited to give to his classmates.
We started off picking up some little wedding favor boxes and some plastic dinosaurs that Creed thought his friends would like.
We took a picture of Creed pointing
 Then we photoshopped on (You are Dino-mite! Love, Creed).  I cute them out and Creed helped me tuck one in the bottom of each of the boxes.
Then he sorted all of the dinosaurs
 And he picked three to add to each box

 To make things easier, his teacher ask students not to address valentines so they can hand them out themselves (since they can't read) so we were done.
 We did tie up a few to deliver to other friends and we just added a little heart so we could label them.
We had so much fun sorting through all the valentines that Creed brought home.  Ah to be three again and have heart-shaped suckers and heart stickers make my day!  It's so fun to experience that again as a mom.


mrs. origami said...

These are great! I love them!

lisa h. said...

super cute!! great job!

that's what she said...

how cute is that?! what a fun idea. :)

Mom said...

I still have "May I be your Mr. Darcy?" hanging on my sewing room wall

Nelson Family said...

That is so cute!