Friday, February 18, 2011

Frosty the Caterpillar

Creed and I have a tradition just for the two of us.  Every time we wake up and see piles of fresh snow outside our window, we are giddy.  We rush out to check the snow to see if the conditions are good for making snowmen.  If they are, we dance the morning away until Ollie settles down for a nap and then we hurry out to see what we can create before Ollie wakes up or we get too cold or hot chocolate beckons to us.

Today was just such a day.
 I thought we needed to put out a bunch of Creed and Ollie's boots to give him feet, but Creed is the artistic director and he rejected that idea firmly.

 Creed has a tradition of his own, he eats as much snow as he possibly can.  I abstain.
PS- Larry would like to send a special thank you to Lisa and Tyler for the snowman kit.  We didn't pilfer Larry's hat or scarf while he was at work this time!


Mom said...

What a fun Mom you are!

Larry said...

Fantastic caterpillar!

Wow Steph, amazing as always. Creed is lucky to have a Mom like you!!

Amy @ OurScoop said...

Your darling boys are very lucky, you are a fun mom! Love the necklace and spending time with family on Valentine's day too. We like to eat "fundue"(as the kids like to call it).