Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stay Classy!

We're still getting settled in our new apartment, but I promised my sister a little preview. I'm not sure what the classiest part of our temporary abode is. Maybe the awesome brown fridge (which I can't really mock because it's a bit bigger than our last fridge)?
Oh, it could be the avocado green oven.
Complete with the kind of buttons you might find on a blender

Or it might possibly be the dishwasher, which we have to roll across the kitchen to hook up to the sink and we have not been able to successfully hook up yet (although I did manage to give my fully-dressed self a shower in the middle of the kitchen)
Or maybe it's our visible friends in the hallway on the way to our bedroom and bathroom? (that's not scary with a curious three-year-old, is it?)
Oh, it could be the pink tile in the bathroom with the sparkly accent tiles.
Wait, no! The classiest thing around here is this guy!
He had the makings of a full beard going on after his razor was missing for a few days so I double-dog dared him to shave it into a handlebar mustache for a presentation he had to give in the morning, and he accepted the challenge.

Sadly, he chickened out in the morning. I was severely disappointed!


I am Laura said...

It is all super classy. Wow! I hope it is a very temporary thing for you. It looks very different than your last place.

candice Stringham said...

Oh my....I love Larry. How can you not with a stash like that?

Heather said...

Looks like Larry misses Ohio a bit as well. Too bad he chickened out before the presentation, though I wouldn't have the guts to do it either. Unless it was for a big bet - like an all expenses paid vacation or something. How long are you in this classy place? Any news on the next place you're headed?

Megan said...

Oh, my. Well, as my mother says to me: "anybody can decorate a cute house, the sign of a really creative person is a person who can make avocado green chic!" Good luck with that! (and go straight to an architectural salvage, but some cute old doors and hinge them together to block that dangerous thing in the hall...)

Anonymous said...

Now you just need a loud floral print Moo-Moo to wear and you'll be all set. Hot!!

Larry said...

I love the fridge. It is not a little bigger than our last one, it is MUCH bigger. Coming home from Costco last night I was worried - but easily fit it all, with room to spare.

And the handlebar - I told you to use the pic where I wasn't smiling. You don't smile with a stache like that!

J.R. and Meg +2 said...

Love it! What an adventure you are having:).

Your penguin card is fabulous--my favorite too.

and that little Ollie is simply ADORABLE!!

ellen said...

You are living the retro life!

TX Girl said...

that apartment is AWESOME!