Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, how I love this boy

This morning, Creed woke up and stumbled to see me in the family room when he spotted the snow outside.

"Mom," he gasped, "It's snowing outside! Can I put my pajamas on like you and snuggle with you? (He slept in his clothes, we're mid-move remember) You have snowflakes on your pajamas. MOM, DID YOU MAKE IT SNOW OUTSIDE?"
Then tonight, when he was sitting next to me, he patted my hand out of the blue and said, "You are just the right mom for me."

It melted my heart.


Larry said...

It is impossible that that boy get any cuter.

Reba said...

what a sweet boy. I'm so glad you can make snow, too :)

miss you

Mom said...

Could we love him any more? I don't think so!
- Grandma Cat

Michael said...

So Cute!

Shar said...

oh my gosh - that is the best. I've got to meet this boy sometime. Too bad we can't arrange marriages. I pick Creed for Kapria. :)