Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ollie at Three Months

Can you believe how big this guy is getting? We all are coming down with colds, but I had to take advantage of Creed's nap this afternoon to try to take his three month pictures.
He's also getting a little fussier, which our doctor thinks is from his reflux getting worse. Poor guy!
He still sleeps most of the time that we're out and about so many of our friends have never seen him awake.
A few of these pictures are out of focus, but I had to include them.
He already has quite the personality that keeps us laughing.
And he's losing most of his hair so he still has us wondering what color his hair will turn out to be.
When he coos, he sounds like he's saying, "Hi!"
We all call him Oliver or Ollie, but Creed calls him Olivey most of the time (when he's not insisting that we should rename him Yellow, that is)
At Three months, Creed was starting to wear 6-12 month clothes, but Ollie is much smaller. He just started wearing 3-6 month clothes, but he has enormous feet that we can't seem to keep on his feet.
For the most part, he's very serene and his little smile melts my heart.
We couldn't be happier to have him around here, we just wish he would sleep a little more at night!


Reba said...

what a cutie. i love the fact that a lot of people haven't seen him awake because he sleeps on your outings. Hilarious

Mom said...

Ken & I think he looks like Grant...or like Grant when he was younger. Hugs to all -

Christy said...

I am a semi-blog stalker, but we did overlap in Columbus for like 2 weeks. My 7 week old also has ginormous feet--so socks are bothersome. Try some Hanes 6-12 month size. They look like mini-tube socks, but they fit great for my baby.

Shar said...

he has the cutest smile! I have to smile back every time I see it.