Friday, February 06, 2009

Under the Weather

Last week, I was the one with a cold.  This week, it's Creed.  His eyes and nose have been running constantly.
Oddly, it doesn't seem to be getting him down.  He's too busy dancing in his new shoes.  We stopped at Nordstrom's Rack the other day, but the only part of the store Creed can stand is the shoe section.  He picked these lovelies out all by himself and has refused to take them off since.
He keeps pointing to them and stating, "Happy!"


Mom said...

People who know that the right pair of shoes can change your life: Cinderella, Dorothy and Creed!
hugs - Mom Cat

whitney said...

Creed has good taste!

Nikki said...

What a stylish little man! I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Kelli Radmall said...

Seriously hot shoes Creed. He is lookin super stylish. I loved living by Nordstrom Rack, I got my cowboyish boots there. Ahh.

Lisa L. said...

Hey! Look! It's my BFF Creedster!

He's so stylish.

Dani said...

He is so your kid--so cool. And I love that his shoes are "Happy!"