Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holiday Toys

My ideas about holiday decorating have totally changed.  I used to want everything to be picturesque and beautiful. While I still want things to be beautiful, lately it's more important to me that they help create magical holidays for my son.  I want him to be just as excited as I am to get the holiday decorations out, and I don't want to gasp when he tries to pick up something made of glittery glass.  Things are a lot less about beauty and a lot more about fun.  With that in mind, I've starting collecting some holiday toys to store with the decorations so Creed has something a little extra to look forward to each holiday.  He already had his own nativity set and this Christmas I added these Christmas puppets from Land of Nod to the stash.
I posted about this Playmobil Bunny school last year.
I've since learned that Playmobil has a whole Easter Bunny series and they have a different piece every year or two.  This year it's the Easter Bunny treehouse.  It think it would be such a fun toy to add to the few Easter decorations we have.  The toadstool school has been retired, but there are still a few available on Amazon and thanks do an Amazon gift certificate that Larry just got, one of these might soon be ours.

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Cassie L. said...

I know everyone and their dog probably has this, but my kids are big time Little People fans and the nativity set has been used more than almost any toy in our house. I love the Christmas things they can play with!