Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creed's Valentine

It's become tradition for Creed to send a Valentine to his friend Audrey every year.  Since I was in the midst of party planning, I had to keep things simple so I used an idea I saw on Jordan Ferney's blog last year.  I made a simple black and white Valentine and sent it to be printed at Kinkos on their large format printer.
We took a picture of Creed holding the poster and then folded up it as small as we could and slipped the picture in the middle.
Along the way I explained what we were doing and who we were sending it to and imagine his joy the next day when I box arrived and I told him it was a Valentine for him.  There were two cute Valentine themed books and a framed picture of Audrey, which Creed snatched and exclaimed, "Audee!  Audee!" so I guess maybe he understands Valentines a little more than I thought that he did.


Nikki said...

And she LOVES it!!! She exclaimed "Ceed" upon seeing his picture and requested that we put it in her room. Tonight as I was reading to her before bed, she *needed* the picture of Creed in the chair with us. I can't to see them together again.

Shar said...

Hi Stephanie!

so I love this valentine idea - it is adorable!

but even more, I love that Creed's middle name is Atticus! It is awesome and perfect and he is so adorable.

so fun to meet you and we'd better start emailing :)